Announcement – Rankin Components Will Provide Local Sales Representation For Northern California

Once again, we are proud to announce a new Technical Sales partnership!

NexTek and Rankin Components have formed a relationship in order to provide local Technical Sales and Support for customers in the Northern California region.  Rankin is the most recent of a long line of new relationships with highly skilled local manufacturers’ representatives, and we are extremely excited to have them on-board!

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Did You Know? – NexTek EMI Filters Are Used In Medical Equipment to Prevent Unwanted Electrical Interference

Where Are These Filters Used?

High Current EMI Filters are commonly used on high power feed lines within MRI Machines and high-power Medical Lasers, in order to prevent any electronic interference issues and provide full Electromagnetic Compliance to common Medical Equipment regulations.EMI Diagram - CC0

EMI Filters can be required on the Noise Source or the potential Noise Victim, and sometimes are installed on a certain line for both reasons!  A filter installed on a properly shielded barrier will provide fully bi-directional protection.

What Types Of Medical Equipment?

In terms of devices that are likely to have a high-current connection and EMC requirements…MRI Machines and Medical Lasers are the most common types that might require a high current filter.


What Makes These EMI Filters Effective For the Application?

Our HPR Series filters are the Most Compact units available for their current ratings, and combined with Excellent Filtering Performance and an especially Rugged Design they are ideally suited for any high-current DC or AC filtering application.   Medical equipment is subject to some of the most stringent EMC requirements of any industry, mostly because in most medical facilities there is a lot of equipment operating in close proximity with each other.  Combine the crowded environment with the fact that people’s lives may be on the line when this equipment is being used, and you have the perfect explanation for the tough EMC requirements.

Heart Rate Monitor - CC0

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Compact Surge Protection – New Product Bulletin Available!

We are happy to announce the recent release of a brand-new two-page bulletin and brochure, featuring our range of compact high-performance arrestors.  Whether you are working on a new design, or trying to retrofit something onto an existing one…these ultra-small options are ideal for any application where size is a critical design factor.

Instead of trying to add some (likely inadequate) transient protection on-board, or having to go all the way to a traditional external arrestor mounted somewhere on the cable run…It is now possible to integrate world-class protection against Lightning, Static (ESD) or High-Speed EMP into a bulkhead connector that will easily replace most existing I/O feedthrus!

With the wide array of connector options and frequency ranges available, you should be able to find a solution for any application.  Learn more and download the new Product Bulletin by following the jump below;

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Compact Surge Protection for Coaxial RF Applications – Home Page

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Did You Know? – NexTek Arrestors are used on Military Vehicles and Systems around the world!

Zumwalt Destroyer

You Might Not Know; Just as our line of Power Filters are used to provide EMC compliance for a wide variety of military and government applications, our line of Surge Arrestors for coaxial RF lines are also in-use on an wide range of systems worldwide!

Whether they are installed on a Permanent Installation or a Land Vehicle, Ship, or Airborne Vehicle…  Our surge arrestors provide the type of rugged performance and long lifetime that any Military or Government user demands.  Solutions range from standard off-the-shelf units all the way to fully-custom solutions developed to meet a complex or special set of requirements.

We can provide protection against any threat type, including;

With the proliferation and continued growth of the use of Radios and Radio-based technology (sensors like radar, communications, even electronic warfare [EW]) across all military equipment and systems, there are a growing number of requirements for Lightning and Surge protection to ensure that mission-critical equipment and capabilities remain up and working properly at all times!


In fact, NexTek was formed as an EMC engineering consultant outfit, and our first contracts ever were in the Military world.  With this type of experience and pedigree, you can be confident that your NexTek arrestor will provide protection, performance, and trouble-free operation…whether you are using it in a Mil/Gov application or not!

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Did You Know? – NexTek Filters Enable EMI Compliance for Fixed, Mobile, and Airborne Radar Systems

Today’s Featured Application and Did You Know? topic covers NexTek HPR series power filters and the fact that they are used in radar power supply systems around the world.  We have EMI filters installed in fixed ground, land and sea mobile, and also airborne radar systems to help enable compliance with applicable EMI and RFI requirements at the system-level.

See below for an example of a ground mobile radar system where HPR series filters could be used, usually mounted within the Power Supply sub-system.


Unique Features that make HPR Series Feedthrough Power Filters ideally suited to these applications;
  • Robust and Rugged Design – High Performance in any Environment
  • Compact Size and Form Factor – Save the Maximum Amount of Space and Weight
  • Filtering Performance to 1GHz+ – Exceptional High Frequency Filtering Performance
  • High Reliability Units Available – Burnt-In Units for Maximum Reliability

No matter what type of radar system is being designed, NexTek HPR Series EMI and RFI filter solutions for power lines are uniquely suited for the challenge!

Learn more about HPR Filters.

Learn more about What We Do here at NexTek

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See You In Boston! – NexTek Is Proud To Announce That We Will Be An Exhibitor @ Microwave Journal’s EDICON 2016 Trade Show!

We are excited to share with our valued customers and partners that we will be Exhibiting at this year’s EDICON 2016 at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, MA!  Taking place over three days covering September 20th to the 22nd, this show and conference is a must-attend for anyone involved in the Microwave and Electronics industries.

EDICON logo2016-left

Be sure to stay tuned for more information as we get closer to the show date for more information and interesting news!

If you are attending or would like to learn more, visit the website here:

Contact NexTek directly if you’d like a show pass or to setup a meeting or time to get together, or simply stop by the booth and say hello!  We cannot wait to see you there!

Did You Know? – NexTek Enables Compliance with DO-160G Avionics and Aircraft Equipment Standards

The DO-160 Series (currently DO-160G) regulations regarding Avionics cover a wide range of test requirements that every piece of certified Avionics equipment must comply with.  With the range of requirements covered under this wide-reaching document, covering everything from Temperature Range and Vibration Ratings to EMI Susceptibility and Lightning Protection.  Learn more about DO-160 and it’s various subsections by following the Wikipedia link below:

Link: DO-160 Article on Wikipedia

NexTek Arrestors and Filters are used to address DO-160G EMI and Surge Protection Requirements, respectively.

Airliner Taxiing - High Res - DO-160We have Coaxial Surge Protection solutions ranging from standard Off-The-Shelf to modified or fully custom for the following subsections;

  • Section 17: Voltage Spike Transients
  • Section 19: Relay Switching Transients
  • Section 22: Lightning Transients
  • Section 25: ESD [Static] Transients


Airliner Landing - CC0 - DO-160G EMIWe also provide EMI Filter solutions ranging from standard Off -The-Shelf to modified or fully custom for the following DO-160G sections;

  • Section 18: Audio Frequency Conduced Susceptibility
  • Section 19: Induced Signal Susceptibility
  • Section 20: Radio Frequency Susceptibility
  • Section 21: Emission of Radio Frequency



If you are looking for assistance, guidance, or solutions for any of the DO-160G requirements listed above…NexTek has the experience, expertise, and product range to help you find the perfect solution.

Trust the Experts, NexTek has 30 Years of experience designing and providing Transient and EMI protection solutions for customers and applications around the world.

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Did You Know?: NexTek Feedthrough Filters Enable Laser System EMC Compliance

Laser Cutting Head

Are you developing a Laser System for Industrial, Medical, or other Commercial use?  Is your system prepared for regulatory compliance testing, specifically EMC testing for Emissions and Susceptibility?  Have you identified a filter solution that is rated for enough current but also compact enough to fit almost anywhere?

HPR Filter - Before and After

You don’t have to look any further…. For years, NexTek HPR series filters have been trusted to ensure Industrial Laser systems are fully protected against all EMC-related threats.

High Power Laser systems are demanding applications, and NexTek’s HPR series are the preferred High Current EMI solution for some of the world’s leading Industrial Laser Manufacturers.

When high performance, compact size, and high current ratings are required…NexTek EMI Filters are the solution!

HPR Feedthrough Filter (HPR140) - Installation Example

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Summer Lightning Season is Almost Here – Here are 4 Resources for Learning More and Staying Safe!

With Summer just around the corner in the Northern Hemisphere, Summer Lightning Season is almost here!  In order to learn more about Lightning and Thunderstorms so that you can do your best to stay safe during the season when outdoor activity and thunderstorm activity are both at their peaks…here are 4 Useful Lightning and Thunderstorm related resources!

These tips and information will be useful for any location around the world with a moderate threat of lightning and thunderstorm activity, so don’t hesitate to share them with others!


Learn About Staying Safe During a Thunderstorm


Thunderstorm Lightning

Have you ever wanted to learn more about how to stay safe during thunderstorm season…?  This NOAA webpage includes proper planning and weather forecast-watching, but also what to do if you are caught in a dangerous situation outdoors.  Follow the link to learn more and jump to the NOAA page!

Summer Lightning Safety – Featured Link (NOAA)


Track Lightning and Thunderstorm Activity – Nearby or Across the World! Screen Shot

Did you know that there are real-time Lightning activity tracking systems available, where you can check for current lightning and thunderstorm activity all around the world?  Primary coverage of the Real Time Lightning Map system is in Europe and North America, but the areas covered are expanding all the time!  Now you can check out activity in your area, or the area you are planning to visit, and make more intelligent decisions with regard to Lightning and Thunderstorm safety!

Real-Time Lightning Map – Featured Link


The Science Behind Lightning and Its Awesome Power

Lightning strikes can be such awe-inspiring natural events, with the power to light up the night sky, travel 10s of miles, and enough energy to start fires and melt metal in their path! Learn more about the science behind Thunderstorms and the Lightning they produce by following the link to our previous post, where you can find the link to’s original article.

The Science Behind Lightning’s Electric Shows – Featured Link (Wired)


Watch Ultra-Slow Motion Video of Lightning Bolts – They Reveal Lightning’s Secrets!

Stepped Leader Lightning GIF

Lightning Strikes form and disappear so quickly, (they are over within 200 microseconds, or <.0002 Seconds!) that it is difficult for the human eye and brain to process as anything other than a rapid single or multiple flash.  However, the formation of a lightning bolt is actually an intricate and multi-step process that is much more complex than we have believed for most of human history.  With the advent of ultra-slow motion video cameras, lightning strikes can be captured during their formation stages all the way through their connection and peak current flow (the brightest flash which results in Thunder.)

Ultra Slow Motion Video of Lightning Strikes! – Featured Link (YouTube)



Three Critical Factors for Comparing and Selecting an EMI Filter

There are three major criterion to pay attention to when comparing different EMI filters and trying to select the proper solution for a given application.

C-Type Filter Comparison

  • Filtering Performance

    • As filtering performance is the reason for any filter to exist in the first place, this is a crucial selection factor.
      • All filters are not created equal, both in terms of Maximum Insertion Loss and their performance up to High Frequencies (MHz to GHz+ range.)
      • Look for filters which maintain a high level of Insertion Loss through and beyond your major Frequency of Concern.

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  • Ruggedness and Ratings

    • For many applications where there are extreme environmental requirements such as Extreme Temperature Ranges, Shock & Vibration, and others are present…A filter’s ratings and performance across every type of application are an important way to vet any component for use in harsh environments
      • Some filters have extremely limited Temperature Range Ratings, especially in terms of Maximum Temperature
      • Some filters have a limited ability to withstand Shock and Vibration, and therefore would not be suitable for any type of mobile application.

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300 Ampere Rated Feedthru Filter - HPR300

  • Size and Form Factor

    • For most applications Size and Weight are important design considerations, and for many applications they are absolutely critical.
      • Compare filters with equivalent Filtering Performance and Current Ratings to determine the most compact option available!
      • Compare wire lug or busbar attachment styles to determine the ideal solution for your application.

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Learn More:

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