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Series Overview

Fast response arrestors are designed to protect radios, electronics, and equipment from fast-acting transient threats such as ESD, HEMP, NEMP, HIRF, or IEMI.  These threat types are much faster acting than Lightning tends to be, which also means that their frequency content is much higher in the RF Spectrum.  When the RF Pass Band requirements of a given system overlap with the expected Frequency Range of Transient Energy from a high-speed transient event, protection of coaxial lines can present a unique challenge;  Pass RF Energy within a band with minimal loss during 99.9%+ of the time, while rejecting RF Energy within the same band during  a Transient Event.

Note: FPN Devices are normally subject to export and information restrictions, and available to domestic United States customers only.


Circuit Diagram

FPN Circuit Diagram
Fine Protection [FPN series] Multistage Arrestor – Example Simplified Circuit



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